Tennis Coaching for Kids

Our project to improve our resume was to help coach kids in a free tennis clinic once a week after school. We decided to get together and work with our coach who coordinated the clinic every week so that we can help and improve the system so that the kids have a better environment to learn.

What We Did

Our coach holds the free clinic at our school every friday after school from 4 to 5 p.m. It is difficult for him to be in charge of all the kids and help them all at the same time, so he needs help from other coaches. We decided that we can help him out and be in charge of some of the kids.

During the clinic, we lead the kids different drills that will help them learn how to play tennis and get bette r at it. We are able to interact with the kids and feed them the tennis balls so it makes it easy for them to hit and start learning how to play without any past knowledge or skills.


Our Experience

This project helped us overall because we were able to interact and deal with kids. We learned how to teach them properly and how they usually act. It was a great experience and it felt like we were being useful and the kids were getting something out of our work. All kids from the community were allowed to come, meaning we get to meet them and also some of their parents, because in the end, they will be in our position and possibly be on the team after we were.


Taking Risks

Check out this post I read from shawntt’s blog. The topic of the blog post is how people should take risks in their life, and not just live a simple and easy lifestyle. I found it very interesting since there were different examples used that showed how taking risks is important to get things done in life, and nothing will ever happen if you do not take any risks. Everything that changes in the world is because someone takes risks and they are able to do something new and they benefit from their experience.

Society and Technology

T.S Eliot once said “ Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” In life, sometimes you have to take risk in order to succeed in what you are doing. An example of this would be trying to own a business. Not all businesses are successful. In fact, there are a lot of businesses that end up going bankrupt or people actually start to lose money from the business. But some can be very awarding, take Mcdonalds for example, one day someone came up with an idea to make a fast food restaurant that would be significantly different from all the other fast foods to attract more people.I’ve recently scrolled upon a commercial announcement that Microsoft will be making a hologram lens that will let you do many extraordinary things like build blueprints for projects and even entertainment. A lot of…

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Overprotective Parents

Almost everyone has lived or lives with their parents, or someone else who takes care of them and has control over them. All children end up reaching an age where they do not want to do everything their parents say and the parents or guardians prevent their kids from doing a lot of things they want to do. I think this mostly occurs during the teenage years, especially between ages 16-17 because that is when the kids think they have matured and want more freedom.

When teenagers reach a certain age or a certain level of maturity, they no longer need their parents to be taking care of them the whole time and being super protective over them. An example of this can be seen in my life since a lot of the times when I want to go out or do things on my own, my parents stop me from doing so and do not allow me to go places or hang out with friends sometimes. Often times, they say that I need to be studying and trying hard in school, but one person can only do that so much. Sometimes my parents also worry for me when I am not with them since they might think I could be in danger or be hurt in some way.

Although I do not always want to do what my parents want me to do, I have to end up listening to them anyways since there is nothing else I can do and they still have control over me. Relating to a larger problem in the world, there is always someone higher than you and has at least some control over you. Employees all have their bosses over them, the president of the United States can be stopped by Congress and the Supreme Court, and powerful countries as a whole such as the United States can be controlled by other countries working together. In the end, no one will ever have the complete power to do anything they want.

Harsh Lives of Migrant Farmers

Migrant farmers are a group of people in California who had lost their farms in places like Oklahoma due to the dust bowl, and were forced to move away. They now migrate from farm to farm and work very hard for many farms, and do not get much out of it.




These are a few pictures of how they have to work and their bad working conditions. These pictures were taken from THIS ARTICLE describing the lives of migrant farmers, and this word should be spread. These farmers are unnoticed people that are in need of help.

The Power of Languages

Everyone will sometime in their life encounter someone that does not speak the same language as them. Obviously, without being able to speak the same language, it is very hard to communicate and interact with each other. There are so many different languages out there in the world, and it is practically impossible to learn every single one so that you can communicate with anyone that you meet from many different cultures and races. A seemingly easy solution to this is that everyone learns and is taught the same language in schools making everyone able to talk to each other and getting rid of the any language barriers. This seems possible, but many people would not want to do this since their language is a huge part of a culture and tradition, and no one wants to have their culture start to fade away and soon become nonexistent. Often people that immigrate to a new country where a different language is spoken and end up having to learn the language. This leads to the next, or later generations in the new country to slowly stop using the actual language of their race and become assimilated so much that they use the new language a lot more.


Personally, I was born and raised in the United States, but my first language was not English. My parents and family always spoke Urdu in the house, leading me to have learned Urdu as my first language. Although all of my siblings and I started off speaking Urdu, now none of us speak Urdu, even to our parents. Once my two older siblings started learning English in school, they started speaking it in the house and I started to pick up and learn from them. Sooner or later, we had replaced Urdu and only communicate in English. Even our parents had learned English and now my siblings and I speak to my parents in English and my parents speak to us in Urdu, but are starting to use more and more English as they speak. This shows how a language that is mainly spoken in area causes other languages, and everyone ends up speaking the same language. It makes it easier to communicate, but at the same time causes some cultures to fade away and they could slowly lose their languages.


Math; a major part of school that the majority of people really despise. Everyone says how complicated it is with all these different numbers, variables, and formulas. Obviously it is not one of the easier subjects in school where most people have an easy time. It requires a lot of logic and reasoning to understand different concepts. I think that there are two main reasons why people really dislike math, one is that it is complicated with different formulas and such, and another is that it requires a lot of thinking and logic to understand, which a lot of people do not have the patience to do.


I think I am part of the minority that does not hate math, but actually enjoys and appreciates it. Just because I like math, it does not mean that I think its really easy for me, because sometimes its the complete opposite of easy. As I said before, it requires reasoning and logic to get through some problems which I think is something I enjoy. I feel that you have to be able to look at things from more than one perspective sometimes to see the solution, which is important. Everyone always asks why math is ever going to be important and the usual response is that you may be using it sometime in your life, but it is usually a very specific example such as measuring the area of a garden. I think other than these specific situations, just using and working with math can help with solving any problems in general in life, even if they are not math related. Math can teach you to think outside the box which can be useful throughout your entire life.